Currently In Beta

Bengali.Ai is a community project!

In order for Bengali.Ai to continue to grow and expand, we rely on the community to help us through contributions that improve the datasets that we open source and the knowledge that we share.


How can I contribute?

You don't have to have a good understanding of Machine Learning or AI to be able to contribute. There are ways for everyone to be a part of this initiative!!


Join Our Curation Team

We are constantly expanding the number of datasets and blogs. The truth is, as the community grows bigger it gets impossible for us to cover everything simultaneously. We need to moderate blog posts, check the data submissions for errors, keep track of the feedback on the published datasets and bring changes as required. If you have an area of interest you'd like to see curated, we'd love to have you join our team.
If you're interested in curating datasets, you can start small by simply sending us relevant datasets in your area of interest/expertise, whenever you have the time to help out. If you're looking for a bigger role, you can potentially join our full curation team and contribute new data on a regular basis.


Write what you learn! We are learning new things everyday!

Maybe you are an amateur or an expert. No matter where in your learning curve you are there is always new things to learn. This is what makes AI so beautiful. One cannot simply know everything about it.
Write about your latest project, or a new concept that you are learning or experimenting. Share your codes in your articles or start by posting your IPython Notebook! Knowledge sharing is so important when it comes to such a fast paced field. Discuss with others and preach your vision. Remember, "the best way to learn is to teach".
Share your knowledge and influence others to teach you something you didn't know!


Help researchers teach computers YOUR handwriting!!

Bengali Language research will beget services or products that will help us in our daily lives. A Bengali Optical Character Recognition algorithm requires a lot of data to learn from.
By donating your handwriting, you are actually helping researchers build an OCR that will understand your handwriting well!!


Send us pictures of 'BENGALI IN THE WILD' and Tell us what it says!

The following picture is from Google Street View. It says সায়েদাবাদ but a computer won't know it just from the picture. Not unless suppose, the picture is named সায়েদাবাদ.png
To be able to teach computers bengali writings we need pictures like this and corresponding information on what is written in it (সায়েদাবাদ).
It's a lot like teaching kids অ আ. In this case the computer will be shown words and it will learn characters by itself.